Created for this project was a new brand and e-commerce experience responsive website that eloquently displays BLALAB’s Kickstarter product and informs potential buyers of the product’s design and utility. To make the pen more desirable, a digital element has been added.


AIGA Flux Competition – UX/UI Winner


Art Direction


beryl animated logo

Elegance Captured

Originally named the ADA pen, I’ve re-branded the pen to be named ‘beryl’. This comes from the beryl crystal. The new name and brand reflects how the pen’s structure was inspired by beehives and crystals, utilizing the hexagonal shape of the pen and a serif to convey elegance.

Mission Statement

Created by BLALAB! in Italy, the beryl pen’s mission is to redefine the writing experience.

Brand Voice

All communications should convey a message
of luxury, a focus on the beauty and ergonomics, and the versatility of the pen.

beryl color palette

Responsive Web Experience

Beryl Landing page, Desktop and Mobile

Desktop Prototype

Mobile Prototype

Brand Extensions

Instagram Posts