Overview (Undergrad Work)

For the 2018 Texas State Hack-a-thon focusing on food insecurity in Hays county, goceries is an app and service that combines convenience and the food bank. The service will work with the client’s local food bank, utilizing pre-packaged assortments, for the client to order them right to their door or a partnering grocery store that supports the goceries fridge.

Hack-a-Thon Team

Kayla Shay, Marissa Servantez, Zeeba Zarei, Fernando Menendez, Jae Lee, Chase Phelps


Best in Engineering – 2018 TXST Hack-a-Thon
Semi-Finalist, Adobe Design Achievement Awards




goceries animated logo

Mission Statement

Goceries mission is to relieve food insecurity for families in at–risk areas by making their local food bank more accessible. We strive to combine convenience and the food bank to provide a service that fills a need for these families.

Brand Voice

All communications should have a
non-judgmental, empathetic tone. Nothing should feel like an after  thought and the service itself should not feel “cheap”.

goceries color palette

The App Experience

Getting Set Up

The app will launch, allow the user to register/sign in, and then proceed to ensure if the user is in an area that has the goceries service partnered with their local food bank.

Connecting with Bar Code

If the user has a bar code from the partnering food bank, they are able to follow a path that allows them to immediately connect to the app with their information.

Connecting without a Bar Code

If the user doesn’t have a bar code from the food bank, they will be able to sign up for the food bank’s services right from the app. After completing the questionnaire, their application will be reviewed, and they will be told via e-mail if they are eligible for the service.

Different Tabs

The app has three different tabs once the user completes on boarding: Help, Shop, and Profile. The user can edit their settings from the profile page.


The user will be able to tab through the different options and select the bags they would like to order. From there, they can check out. If they are having the bags delivered to their house, they can select the delivery time.

Supporting Elements

The Van

The goceries van is given to each food bank upon funding of the service. Volunteers use this van to  deliver the pre-packaged, ordered food to the clients doorstep.

The Fridge

goceries fridge is an alternative to having the groceries from the food bank delivered to the clients door, but delivered to a secure, trusted location such as a partnering grocery store. The fridge opens with aunique code given to the client in the app after ordering.