Overview (Undergrad Work)

A new brand, website, and app for a travel planning service to visit the town, Waco, located in central Texas.


Semi-Finalist, Adobe Design Achievement Awards


Art Direction


Transforming the Heart of Texas

Originally named Waco Heart of Texas, Travel Waco, this new name and brand allows the brand to look friendly, approachable, and communicate that Waco is the Heart of Texas.

Mission Statement

Travel Waco’s mission is to bring visitors to Waco, Texas where they can stay, eat, shop, and enjoy the town like a local. We believe in southern hospitality while making the guest feel as if they are at home in a new place.

Brand Voice

The brand voice must feel modern, casual, and inviting. All communications must make the user feel at home in a new place.

Travel Waco Brand Colors

The App Experience

Travel Waco, App Launch/Onboarding

Launching and Onboarding

The app will launch and  allow the user to register/sign in. From there, the user can begin to explore the app.


The user can use the hamburger navigation to the left to tab through the different sections.

Travel Waco, App Navigation
Travel Waco, Planning Flow


By clicking the “Plan” tab, the user can select their travel dates, book a hotel, and book a flight.


By selecting the “Explore” tab, the user can explore different things to do in Waco such as Attractions, and add them to their trip.

Travel Waco, Exploring Flow
Travel Waco, AR Camera flow

Augmented Reality Camera

The “AR Camera” tab will bring the user to an augmented reality experience that is interactive with the city of Waco. This allows them to learn history while gaining coupon perks they can use during their stay at local businesses.

Web Landing Page

Travel Waco, Web Landing Page

Applied Branding